Bow down to or fear the wrath of Middle-Earth: Shadow of War’s Mystic Tribe

We’ve been introduced to the machinists, the hunters, the fearsome and the marauders. Now, it’s time to meet the Mystic Tribe of Orcs from Monolith’s upcoming Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. A sect of hideous, fowl and downright mean creatures that isn’t afraid to fight dirty, while using more than just the mortal realm to its advantage.

When you come up against these mystics, you’ll learn to expect magic and sorcery, the kinds of which other tribes cannot muster. Possession and resurrection are just two of the things they’re great at, with more options stemming from their devout worship at altars made of twisted bone.

We’ve been covering Middle-Earth: Shadow of War a lot, but somehow missed one tribe’s video, which is something we aim to address now. As such, you’ll also find the Dark Tribe’s introductory video below.

They, you see, love to work in the shadows and are masters of vicious stealth. Consider yourself warned.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War will introduce us to all of its different orc tribes come October 10th.