Ubisoft is migrating to Berlin; new studio will work on Far Cry series

Far Cry 5 has yet to release, but Ubisoft has already gone public with its plans to make more. Well, in an indirect sort of way.

Earlier today, the video game giant announced its intention to open a brand new studio in Berlin, Germany. One that will work on all of the company’s hottest properties, but will start with the open world Far Cry series before it tackles anything else.

“We are thrilled to be opening the doors to Ubisoft Berlin and working on the Far Cry series together with other Ubisoft teams,” said Tajnay. “In the first year, we will build a core team of around 50 developers drawing on all areas of expertise. We are currently recruiting for these positions and the reception so far is overwhelmingly positive from candidates of a very high calibre.”

This won’t be the first production company that Ubisoft will operate in Germany, as it already has two. It also won’t be the only studio that will soon be opened by the company, as plans are already underway to open some in Saguenay (Quebec), Stockholm (Sweden) and Bordeaux (France).