Pokken Tournament DX paid DLC announced; new Pokémon inbound

In their Nintendo Direct mini this morning, the Kyoto-based company announced paid downloadable content for Pokken Tournament DX on Nintendo Switch.

Taking a page from the Zelda: Breath of the Wild manual and releasing in two waves, players will be getting new Pokémon and move sets as well as avatar items in the downloadable bundles called the Battle Pack.

The first wave, available January 31, will introduce Aegislash in two forms as well as Mega Rayquaza and Mimikyu as support Pokémon.

The second wave, due out on March 23, will re-introduce first and second generation Pokémon into the mix with Blastoise as well as support Pokémon Mew and Celebi.

The avatar items are available immediately to those who opt into the DLC, and while no price was given for it in the presentation itself, the Pokken Tournament DX Battle Pack can be pre-ordered now for $14.99 from Nintendo eShop.