Three games have been added to the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility list

After a holiday break that lasted a whopping six weeks, Microsoft has now added three different games to the Xbox One’s list of backwards compatible games. Three notable titles, all of which stand out for different reasons.

First up is Far Cry 2, which is still (arguably) one of the best open-world shooters out there. Set in Africa, it combines a vast, open and dangerous location, with not just addicting gameplay mechanics, but also the threat of Malaria. If you’ve yet to play it, you should try to do so now.

Second on this list is a different type of shooter, that being the World War 2-based affair, Sniper Elite V2. It, like the other games in its series, gained recognition for allowing players to target specific body parts on their unfortunate enemies’ bodies.

Last, but certainly not least, is another Ubisoft game: Driver San Francisco. This is another game that is well worth playing if you haven’t, because it’s fast, fun and colourful, and also offers an interesting story befitting its immersive campaign. The difference here, though, is that Driver San Francisco is not available for purchase through Xbox Live, meaning that only the physical version is backwards compatible. For whatever reason, this game was delisted back in 2016.

Far Cry 2 can be purchased digitally, for just $5.99 US. Sniper Elite V2, on the other hand, is still a surprising $29.99 on Xbox Live. That said, it was once a Games With Gold freebie, meaning that lots of people likely own it (and may have forgotten that they do).