Nintendo shutting down Miitomo in May

Nintendo’s first major foray into the smartphone gaming market, Miitomojust over two years after its original launch, is being shut down on May 9th, the company announced Wednesday.

Current and new users of the app will be able to access its features through that date, at which point their content will no longer be available.

The game is still available for download on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, but was updated Wednesday to include a message of the impending shutdown as well as to halt the ability to buy in-game currency with real world money.

Instead, these coins will be given to players on a daily basis, allowing them to continue to use the app, take more Miifotos, and share them on social media. You know, before they’re gone forever. That’s not exactly ripping off the bandage, people!

Nintendo is urging players to save their Miitomo Mii by linking the app to their Nintendo Account, but have said that any sidekick Mii characters will be deleted.

While Nintendo didn’t cite a reason for the closure, it is likely due to a large decrease in users and likely that the revenue it generates is not enough to sustain itself moving forward. The app garnered over 10 million users in its first month on the market.

The Kyoto-based company has reiterated that it intends to move forward with its plans of releasing two to three smartphone apps per year with its partners at DeNA. Nintendo’s latest release is Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp which launched in November.