Far Cry 5 goes live action with its latest trailer

A new trailer for Far Cry 5 has hit the Internet, offering a new perspective on the cult that dominates its Hope County, Montana setting. A live action one, in fact.

This two-and-a-half minute long short is focused on Joseph Seed, the self-proclaimed ‘Father’ of the region, who also happens to be the leader of its Project at Eden’s Gate doomsday cult. Through it, we see the rise of “an unremarkable person with a remarkable story.”


In addition to the live action affair, Ubisoft has also dropped an interview with author Urban Waite, who talks about his book, Far Cry: Absolution. That is, a story that centres upon a trusted member of the cult who opens his eyes to the despicable truths behind its practices.

Far Cry 5 will release on the 27th of this very month.