An all-new chapter of Super Lucky’s Tale platforming has released out of the blue, marking the surprise debut of DLC content that nobody knew existed. That’s not very common in this day and age, where leaks are plentiful and it’s difficult to keep anything a secret.

Gilly Island is described as a “tropical paradise which just so happens to be in need of some rescuing.” What this means is platforming through stages inspired by the beach, the ocean and the wooden docks and piers that help the two function together. You can see some of it in the add-on’s colourful trailer, which is embedded below this line of text.

Gilly Island is a paid add-on, which will cost players $4.99 to unlock. Newcomers are in luck, though, because Super Lucky’s Tale has also just been added to Xbox Game Pass, meaning that the core game can be played for ‘free’ so long as you’re a member of that digital subscription service.

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