Far Cry 5 shows off some ‘Mayhem in the Mountains’

It won’t be long now, before Far Cry 5 launches, and brings with it a mixture of bullet, rocket and nature filled action. To prepare those who maybe haven’t been following its development closely, Ubisoft has released another, three minute-long video, which is all about the game’s ‘Mayhem in the Mountains’ approach.

Featuring lots of footage of its Whitetail Mountains, this new look at Far Cry 5 covers all of the basics. From a visual story overview and traditional gunplay, it evolves to showcase more of the colourful ways in which players can interact with its world, fight its cultist enemies and deal with nature. This includes zipping along zip lines, spewing lead from fast moving vehicles, befriending the local wildlife (wolves and a massive bear) and getting back in touch with Hurk. Sprinkled in-between are introductions of the game’s included campaign co-op, as well as more than one other human ally.

We’d also be remiss if we didn’t mention the cliffs that allow one to use Far Cry 4‘s returning wing suit, which will make getting from one point to another a whole lot of fun.

In addition to this latest gameplay walkthrough, Ubisoft has also dropped four different character vignettes, which dive deeper into the messed up personas of some of the cult’s most influential people. There’s the expected, that being leader Joseph Seed, who’s joined by his two brothers, John (the family lawyer) and Jacob (the cult’s heavy handed recruiter and protector). Also included is Faith Seed, who acts as the corrupt organization’s “divine instrument of chaos.”

Far Cry 5 will explode its way onto Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on March 27th. Stay tuned for our full, detailed review, when the time comes.