Ubisoft debuts two new trailers and a behind-the-scenes look at The Crew 2

The Crew 2 — Ubisoft’s all American open world racer — isn’t far from release. In fact, we’ll be able to go hands on with it and fly its planes, steer its boats and race its cars on June 29th. As such, the publisher has ramped up its advertising efforts, with two new trailers and a behind-the-scenes developer diary.

The first couple of videos don’t offer much. They’re simply short glimpses of gameplay. The first contains brief segments of Zivko airplane racing, while the second shows sports cars speeding through a detailed rendition of Venice, California.

It’s the third video, the aforementioned developer diary, that you’ll find most interesting. It provides a glimpse behind closed doors, and offers an idea of what the team has been trying to improve upon prior to release.

Stay tuned for more on The Crew 2.