Far Cry 5 will send players from Hope County to Vietnam next month

Ubisoft has revealed its plans to release Hours of Darkness, the first piece of major downloadable content for Far Cry 5, early next month. Through it, players will be transported from the idyllic, albeit cult-filled countryside of Hope County, Montana, to the dangerous jungles of the Vietnamese War.

As Wendell “Red” Redler, a Hope County citizen who played a role in Far Cry 5‘s main campaign, we’ll be tasked with battling the Viet Cong while attempting to rescue captured allies. This can be done alone or in co-op, and completing Hours of Darkness will unlock additional modes. Survival Mode is basically what it sounds like as it limits your loadout to promote a more challenging experience, while Action Movie Mode ups the ante by overpowering the player in hopes of some badass, Rambo-like results.

In addition to the above, Hours of Darkness will also gift all Far Cry 5 fans with Vietnam themed assets that can be used in the game’s Arcade mode. This may have already happened, though, through an update that was scheduled to go live on this very day.

Hours of Darkness will bring the Vietnamese War to Far Cry 5 on June 5th, and can be purchased as part of the game’s Season Pass or Gold Edition, which includes the aforementioned pass.