A new Battletoads game is in the works!

One of gaming’s most beloved, albeit most difficult experiences, is going to return in 2019. Of course, we’re talking about Battletoads, which was confirmed for a 2019 release today. That is, an all-new game, not a port of some kind.

Battletoads began kicking ass in beat ’em-up style back in 1991, after being developed by Rare. That NES game, which was notoriously difficult, then spawned ports, sequels and at least one crossover. It also developed quite the following, thanks to its quality gameplay, challenging difficulty and the ability to play with friends. Plus, beat ’em-up games were all the rage back then.

The series was then dormant for quite some time, until Microsoft released Rare Replay three years ago and included Battletoads within it. In fact, it was the game that they advertised most.

Two thousand and ninteen’s Battletoads will once again feature the three titular anthropomorphic toads, thus allowing for 3-player co-op. Its visuals will be hand drawn, and said co-op will be couch-based. So far, that’s all we know.


Expect to hear more about Battletoads 2019 soon.