Reigning Inferno, a special season 7 event, has begun within the strategic world of For Honor. As such, those with interest can take up swords (and whatever else they may have access to) and take part from now until August 30th.

This new event will introduce players to an exclusive game mode called Infernal Dominion. For more about it, as well as the story behind it, see the following (which we borrowed from a press release).

The fury of Mt. Ignis has changed the face of the battlefield, setting the environment ablaze and choking the sky with ash. In the limited-time Infernal Dominion mode, when zones are contested, a ring of fire ignites, forcing players to choose between a close-quarters fight to the death, or take massive burn damage as they risk crossing the flames. Reigning Inferno also includes limited-time lootable rewards, including new fire-themed weapons, Battle Outfits, Faction Ornaments, and a fiery new Mood Effect. All-new themed Mask Outfits, as well as a new Emote, will also be available during the Reigning Inferno event. During the second week of the event, players can pick up the Reigning Inferno Bundle, which contains the Mask Outfit, Emote, Ornament and Battle Outfit for their Hero.

Following the introduction of dedicated servers and new training modes, For Honor will continue to grow with the release of the For Honor Marching Fire expansion on October 16, with the brand-new Wu Lin faction joining the fray, a 4v4 castle siege Breach mode, unlimited PvE content and more.

For Honor is currently free-to-download on Xbox One, as part of the Games With Gold program.

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