For Honor: Marching Fire will introduce Arcade, a PvE mode

Something new is coming For Honor‘s way, thanks to its already announced Marching Fire expansion. They call it Arcade, and it’s a bonus PvE mode that allows players to test out and level up their heroes before taking them into PvP gameplay.

Arcade is a whole new way to play For Honor, and it’s a lot like Gears of War‘s Horde mode in many ways. That’s because it will task players with tackling waves of increasingly difficult enemies, whilst dealing with modifiers. All the while, those who take part will earn rewards that they can then use to bolster their PvP play.

Also, as confirmed in its press release, Arcade will be playable by one’s lonesome, or with a friend.

Seasoned warriors who own the For Honor base game can now pre-order the Marching Fire expansion for $39.99 (Canadian), available as a digital edition only, which grants access to Arcade and, at launch, will immediately unlock the four new heroes from the new Wu Lin faction (the Tiandi, the Jiang Jun, the Nuxia and the Shaolin). Players who pre-order the Marching Fire expansion will receive the exclusive Wu Lin pack, which includes 1 Elite Outfit for all Wu Lin Heroes, valued at 28,000 steel.

All players will be able to recruit the new Wu Lin Heroes using in-game Steel after the initial early access period, as well as access the 4v4 castle siege mode, “Breach”, for free. Additionally, all players will benefit from free graphical enhancements that will improve the in-game textures, introduce a revamped lighting system and new sky gradients and also provide further quality of life improvements including an updated user interface and a new responsive dialog system.

Those who don’t own For Honor (which is currently available as a free download through Xbox’s Games With Gold promotion) can pre-order Ubisoft’s For Honor: Marching Fire Edition starting on September 4th. It will retail for $79.99, and will include both the core game and this Marching Fire expansion.