The Crew 2 will add Gator Rush, its first free update, next month

Ubisoft took to Gamescom to announce its intentions to release Gator Rush, The Crew 2‘s first free update of note, near the end of September.

Gator Rush will be based around southern fun, and will introduce hovercraft racing to the game’s off-road events list. Through this, the bayou will become a focus, as will redesigned swampland that has been accentuated by things like steep slopes and involved curves. As they race around these environments, players will bump, jump and even have the option to land on their opponents after going over a ramp.

In addition to the above, this addition will also introduce a new Ace difficulty mode, which will offer challenge seekers a more difficult option. Those who tackle it will earn themselves legendary loot parts, as well as exclusive bonuses.

Gator Rush will be introduced to The Crew 2 on September 26th. On that same day, season pass owners will also receive early access to two additional vehicles as part of the game’s monthly drop.