It sounds like Control is heading to Game Pass

From the sounds of things, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be in for a holiday, or perhaps post-holiday, treat.

Yesterday, December’s Game Pass additions were revealed, and we learned that PES 2020, Overcooked 2, The Division, Pathologic 2, My Friend Pedro, Naruto to Baruto: Shinobi Striker and Wandergong are coming to the service this month. Also worth mentioning is that X019 informed us that The Witcher 3 and Darksiders 3 are also heading its way.

Now, we’ve learned that another pretty big title might be as well.

During a charity stream on Mixer, which was held just a few days ago, Phil Spencer said some nice things about Remedy’s Control, then let it slip that he’s happy the game is coming to Game Pass. Reason being is that he doesn’t believe it originally reached enough people, which is something that we agree with.

Here’s hoping this was either a hint or an honest slip of the tongue, because Control would be a great addition to the already very solid Xbox Game Pass library. It’s something more people need to play.