Physical game collectors who’ve had their eyes set on the console version(s) of Cloudpunk will be happy to hear that the cyberpunk-styled title is getting retail editions. Two, in fact.

Cloudpunk will be available through digital distribution when it releases, but you’ll also be able to purchase its standard or signature editions in physical form. The standard version will be approximately $29.99 USD, whereas the signature one will set you back $44.99.

So, what’s included in this special edition?

  • Signature Edition box with ‘beautiful new artwork’
  • Complete physical game
  • Soundtrack
  • Cloudpunk logo and Camus enamel pins
  • Numbered comic art print

Cloudpunk is described as being “a beautiful, narrative driven adventure.” Through it, players will be able to explore an immense cyberpunk city in vertical fashion, whether on foot or in a hovercar. In the process, you’ll meet colourful characters, all of whom have a story to tell.

Expect to be able to play this game later in 2020. It’s in the works for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch. The PC version is getting retail editions, too, despite having already released back in April.

*Prices may vary based on region and platform choice.

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