Several months ago, rumours began to circulate pertaining to the existence of a new Fable project. However, since they were just rumours and speculation, we didn’t know if any of it was true or not.

Fast-forward to this week, and Microsoft’s Games Showcase gave confirmation to what was anonymously posted on online message boards. They did so by presenting a fully CG trailer that was full of not only colour, but also the whimsy that Fable has always been known for. It wasn’t long, nor did it feature any gameplay, but it did tell us that one of gaming’s more popular series is making a return on Xbox Series X.

At this moment we’re unsure as to whether this is Fable 4, or if it’s a reboot. Granted, since the title card shown at the end of the video just says ‘Fable,’ it’s safe to assume that Microsoft may be going the full reboot route. Either way, we’re excited.

The other fantastic piece of news here is that Playground Games is in charge of things. They’ve proven themselves incredibly talented, by developing and releasing four of the best racing games ever made, in Forza Horizon through Forza Horizon 4. Having them at the helm of this project is awfully interesting, not to mention very exciting.

Stay tuned for more information pertaining to this next-gen Fable project.

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