Forza Motorsport has been teased for Xbox Series X

During their much anticipated Xbox Games Showcase, Microsoft teased a brand new entry in its venerable, and incredibly popular, Forza Motorsport racing series. As with all of the other major announcements, this tease and its trailer promised that said iteration will appear on the as-yet-unreleased Xbox Series X.

Since this is just a short video, there’s not a ton to talk about. After all, we also don’t really know any details as of yet. We can, however, note how beautiful this brief, in-engine content looks, and share its tagline.

Said tagline reads, “Witness the power of Xbox Series X through Forza Motorsport. Automotive entertainment is reimagined for a new generation.”

Rest assured that we’ll have more on Forza Motorsport¬†for Xbox Series X when we get it.