Remedy’s military shooter, CrossfireX, gets a campaign trailer

Although they’re normally known for creating unique, cinematic and wholly single player games like Max Payne, Alan Wake and Control, Remedy has decided to tackle something new with CrossfireX. A Call of Duty-esque military shooter, it promises addictive multiplayer and an engaging single player campaign for those with interest.

Today, we can show you the game’s new campaign trailer, which debuted during Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase. It’s pretty visceral, and is chock full of dark military action. You should know, though, that this ‘campaign’ will apparently be made up of different operations, which will be divided into episodes.

Of course, it’s very possible that you’ve heard of Crossfire before. That’s because this isn’t going to be the first game in the series. CrossfireX is actually a continuation of a massively popular Korean franchise helmed by Smilegate. The latter studio is still in the picture here, and is helping Remedy with this particular project.

CrossfireX will be released later this year, on Xbox One, and is being optimized for Xbox Series X.