Hyper Scape Season Two: The Aftermath has begun

As promised, Ubisoft has begun season two of its competitive battle royale game, Hyper Scape. Subtitled ‘The Aftermath,’ it’s introduced a load of additional content into the game, alongside a new event which began just the other day.


During this season, players will get the chance to discover a new district and try a new weapon, the Atrax, which bursts sticky explosives that detonate after a certain period of time. During the season will also come a new limited-time hack coming mid-season, Platform, which allows players to deploy a horizontal platform useful for navigation and offering new creative opportunities.

Over the course of Season 2 Hyper Scape will also offer several brand-new time-limited game modes, including Crown Rush Duo and Floor is Lava. The Platform hack will be key for Floor is Lava, where the ground is transformed into a deadly magma. On top of those new modes, Season 2 will also see the return of Crown Rush, Faction War and Turbo Mode, with more to be revealed later in the season.

The new Memorial district and landmark are located in the North of Neo-Arcadia, on top of Unity Hill where Mathieu Eiffel’s Season 1 secret lab was located. The Memorial landmark, build by Prisma Dimensions to honor the people hurt by the Blackout, is an impressive monument offering the same kind of loot density and conflict opportunities as the nine other Neo-Arcadia landmarks. As it’s located on top of a hill, it provides great sights on all districts of the virtual city.

Amongst the limited-time modes available during Season 2, Crown Rush solo will come back during the Season with a brand-new feature, Second Chance, allowing players who get eliminated early in the game to get reinserted and keep playing. The fan favorite Faction War will also come back in Season 2 as a limited time mode, including some changes to make it even more fun and accessible.

One big moment in Season 2 will be the launch of the Halloween event, starting October 20th and ending on November 3rd. During the event, the Crown Rush Squad game mode will be playable by night, as it will be the case for the limited-time modes Crown Rush Solo (Season 2 week 3) and Dark Haze Squad. The Halloween event will also feature a complete Halloween, spooky dress-up for Neo-Arcadia, the game hub and the lobby. Exclusive cosmetics will be available in the game’s store all along the event.


The Vote on Events feature, providing viewers real-time impact on battles, gets updated in Season 2 with a new Event Card called Infinite Slide. During an Infinite Slide event, players’ slides are much longer, almost infinite. However, they can still be interrupted by collisions or by player actions. In total, nine Event Cards are already available in the Hyper Scape Crowncast extension.

Hyper Scape’s first Season introduced a feature to its Crowncast Twitch extension: Kudos, a tool that allows stream viewers to support and react by producing in-game visual effects within a streamer’s match. Season 2 will introduce new Legendary Kudos, which can be purchased using Bits on Twitch.


New for Season 2, a ranking system will be available, giving players a way to see how they fare amongst other contenders. The rank will be formed based on the ten best matches of each player – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond or Champion. Only matches played in Crown Rush Squad will count for the rank.

Starting with Season 2, players will get a Daily Gift every day they play Hyper Scape. The Daily Gift can include different items, such as Battle Points or cosmetics. They will also have access to their own and their squadmates’ player profiles, featuring information such as average damage dealt or K/D ratio.


Hyper Scape Season 2 also includes a new Free and Premium Battle Pass with 100 tiers of exclusive cosmetic items to unlock during the season. The Premium Battle Pass, available for 950 Bitcrowns, instantly unlocks the Mondragon Streetfighter Outfit. The Hyper Battle Pass, instantly unlocks the Mondragon Streetfighter, the Basilisk Rogue and the Ace Tsubame outfits as well as 25 Battle Pass Tiers. Itis available for 2,500 Bitcrowns. The Season 2 Premium Battle Pass includes exclusive items inspired by the Assassin’s Creed brand, including a Champion outfit and a deployment pod.

Players get Bitcrowns by simply playing the game, or by purchasing packs of Bitcrowns with real money on the Ubisoft or first-party stores. Viewers can progress their Battle Pass simply by watching Hyper Scape streams on Twitch with the Hyper Scape Crowncast extension enabled. Additional customization items including Emblems, Champions, Pods, Emotes, Ranged and Melee Weapons, and Weapon Skins will be available in the in-game store. Season 2 will also feature a brand new Starter pack including Epic items and 2,875 Bitcrowns. PlayStation + members will get a new free Season 2 PS+ bundle including an exclusive Champion outfit and an exclusive weapon skin.


In the aftermath of the Blackout, Dr.Tan – now the sole controller of Prisma Dimensions – positions her company as “too big to fail.” Nahari, a journalist, starts investigating the Blackout casualties and is contacted by Amandine Romée, who learned that her brother Simon is in a coma. Working together, the two of them begin deciphering clues when Amandine receives a mysterious message…

Every week, players can collect new Memory Shards to dive deeper into Season 2’s story and lore. Additionally, Amandine’s story will be featured in Issue 2 of the Hyper Scape Comics and will be released in chapters during Season 2.