‘Power Your Dreams’ with this Xbox Series S & Xbox Series X commercial

The tagline for Microsoft’s next generation of video game consoles reads ‘Power Your Dreams,’ and it’s that which they’ve chosen as the title of the upcoming devices’ first commercial.

Featuring both Master Chief and Get Out‘s Daniel Kaluuya, this first advertisement is what you’d expect. It follows a young man who walks into his apartment, sits down and is then transported to a new world upon putting his headset on and picking up an Xbox controller. Said world just so happens to be that of Halo, although Halo Infinite is not going to be an Xbox Series S/X launch title. All the while, a song by Labrinth plays in the background.

“Daniel travels through his dream, passing through spectacular and immersive visuals of dream-inspired gaming worlds before discovering another gamer and her representation of her own gaming dream,” the blurb on the Xbox Wire reads. “Together, they realise that while each of our gaming dreams and journeys are unique, there are many gamers and many individual dreams that all come together with the power of Xbox.”

This advertisement is scheduled to begin airing on the 11th of this month, during a Sunday Night Football game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Seattle Seahawks.


As of tomorrow, it will be one month until the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are released to the public. They’re scheduled for sale on the 10th of November.