Fans of the kingdom management sub-genre will be happy to hear that Crusader Kings III has been confirmed for release on both next-gen platforms. Although this news was revealed during today’s Xbox gamescom 2021 presentation, we’ve since learned that the game is also heading to PlayStation 5.

According to Paradox Interactive, these new versions will be quite similar to their PC counterpart, albeit with some console-exclusive changes. For instance, the Xbox Series version will allow players to quickly cycle between it and YouTube, in order to watch guides and learn new tactics. Meanwhile, the PlayStation 5 version will utilize the console’s DualSense controller in unique ways, by blending its abilities with the game’s stress mechanic.

Crusader Kings III doesn’t have an official release date, but Microsoft says it’ll launch later this year. It doesn’t seem like these ports will include the game’s recently released DLC, however.

We should also note that it’s looking likely that this title will hit Game Pass on day one.

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