The highlight of today’s gamescom showcase was certainly Forza Horizon 5, as Playground Games showcased the game’s first eight visceral minutes. You definitely won’t want to miss this first glimpse at them.

Beginning atop a snow capped volcano, Forza Horizon 5 pushes the pedal to the metal from its opening second. It isn’t long, however, before players venture off of said volcano in stylized fashion, and then begin racing within the Baja Circuit. Then again, what else would one expect from this adrenaline-fueled series?

It goes without saying, since this is Forza Horizon after all, but what you’ll see below is downright stunning. The world’s best racing series has gotten even prettier, even smoother, and even faster during its trip to Mexcio, and it shows.

Forza Horizon 5 will take us to Mexico on November 9th. It’s coming to Xbox Game Pass, and will do so on day one!

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