Engage in rouglelike, hack n’ slash, party mayhem, with Conan Chop Chop

Starting today those with interest can gather their friends, or meet up with a few like-minded strangers, and get to hacking and slashing in Conan Chop Chop.

Described as being a ‘roguelike party game,’ Conan Chop Chop promises 1-4 player mayhem through local and online means. It offers “magically created maps, trillions of item combinations to loot, and an eclectic cast of curious critters ranging from self-replicating chickens to icky brain-spiders.”

“Our team set out to create a vision of Conan unlike any before it, and today we’re so excited to share it with the world,” says Kimbo Forrest, Creative Lead at Mighty Kingdom. “With the chaos turned to 11, we’ve condensed the brawny, ferocious spirit of the barbarian we all know and love into this shiny, party-sized Conan.”

You can purchase and play Conan Chop Chop on PC ($14.99), or on console (Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Switch) for $19.99. Those who’d like to try the game out first can also do so, by downloading the free demo on either Steam or Switch.

*All prices are in U.S. dollars

Funcom will be donating 100,000 USD of the proceeds from Conan Chop Chop to the relief efforts in Ukraine through the Red Cross in an effort to bring awareness to the humanitarian crisis and do their small part to help. Others can also donate to the humanitarian efforts via the Ukraine crisis Red Cross website: https://www.icrc.org/en/donate/ukraine