When the Saints Row reboot releases, it will once again task us with becoming the best (and most unique) gang boss around. This won’t just involve shooting bad guys and earning street cred, as lots of customization and fashion choices will also come into play.

Eatlier today, the team behind this anticipated sandbox action game released a new demo, which allows players to create and share their ideal bosses. It’s perfectly named the Boss Factory.

Read on for a letter from those in management:

My one-of-a-kind criminal mastermind,

The Saints today gave a double-fingered send-off to boring ski mask criminal attire by unleashing Saints Row’s kickass Boss Factory character creator on the mainstage of Summer Game Fest.

Spreading total fucking chaos across PC and consoles today as a free download, this lawless creator dares aspiring lawbreakers to dream up their wildest alter egos and share them as inspiration with their fellow … entrepreneurs around the world. The Boss Factory ensures that of the many crimes you’ll commit in Saints Row, forgettable style won’t be one of them.

Saints Row will bring its colourful chaos to consoles and PC on August 23rd.

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