Turn 10 shares a rebooted Forza Motorsport

As expected, Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios showed off a brand new Forza Motorsport today.

You’ll notice that this game doesn’t have the number 8 beside it, and that’s because it’s a reboot as opposed to just another numbered instalment. As such, fans can expect a reworked and rebuilt Forza Motorsport experience, which will introduce new physics and mechanics.

As you’ll see in the included gameplay demo, Maple Valley will return, which should make longtime fans happy. What will make some folks ecstatic, though, is news of tire and fuel management mechanics, which will require pit stops during lengthy races.

Turn 10 also revealed that it’s reworked the cars’ damage system, suggesting that each scratch is simulated in-game. This, as well as improved realism, which is evident from a trailer and demo which both somehow manage to look even more beautiful than Forza Horizon 5. Of course, this is aided by next-gen development, ray tracing and technological advancements.

The above will also allow Forza Motorsport to offer dynamic times of day. This isn’t going to be a merely cosmetic thing, either. Different times of day, and the dynamic weather at each time, will affect the tracks and how the cars’ tires handle them. They refer to this as the tracks’ changing ambient temperatures.

Forza Motorsport will release in the spring of 2023.