Monster Hunter: Rise – Sunbreak Expansion receives new details and a demo

Fans of Monster Hunter: Rise will be happy to hear that its Sunbreak expansion is progressing well. Capcom shared some new details pertaining to it today, and also promised some hands on opportunities.

This new trailer gives fans a look at the expansion’s new map(s) and both new and returning monsters, including Daimyo Hermitaur, Espinas, Gore Magala, and the Pyre Rakna Kadaki (new form). As far as maps go, you can expect a remade version of the Jungle from Monster Hunter 2.

Monster Hunter: Rise will add its Sunbreak expansion on June 30th. Then, free updates will occur this coming summer, fall, winter and spring. Summer’s will apparently feature Lucent Naragacuga.

You can look forward to a playable demo as well. It’s scheduled to release sometime today.