Sarah Loucks Album Review

Lady GaGa, The Black Eyed Peas, and Billy Talent all have something thing in common: Sarah Loucks.

Okay, so that’s a bit of a stretch, but let me explain. The aforementioned acts are all pretty heavy on the sounds and light on the rests, and every once in a while, one needs a break. There isn’t a better (recent) album to relax to than Sarah Loucks’s full-length “Be As It Should”. Some mellow tracks, some more upbeat, there is nothing that really breaks the mould. But it’s not supposed to. Her tunes will relax you, mellow you out, make you cry, and brighten you up.

The beauty of her music is you can make it whatever you want. They have a visceral, tangible, expressive meaning, yet they are different to everyone. Poker Face and Boom Boom Pow don’t quite do that. Sarah is someone to watch out for. Unfortunately, acts like her don’t get the multi-million dollar attention because she is not the type to put on large spectacles of a show. But by that same token, acts with similar themes like John Mayer or Jack Johnson aren’t exactly hurting right now.

The album is full of beautiful flaws. Not in the sense that it is actually flawed. But rather that it is not perfect. It has the layer of dust that an old record would have, the slight browning of old film, the cracks in the antique leather. The things that make this a real album, not just a studio one. Sarah would tell you that I’m just being nice; she says that she can still hear everything she did wrong with this album. She must be hallucinating, because this album is just full of sweet song. Oh, how sweet it is.

I had the great opportunity to go on a little photo session expedition in Toronto’s distillery district at the tail end of 2009. Take a look at the photos below and let Sarah and I know what you think! You can find Sarah at her official website and follow Eggplante on Twitter (@eggplante) or check out our Facebook page.