Ke$ha’s Debut: ANIMAL

Ke$ha has all the trappings of a one-hit wonder: hot girl, super catchy song, and a dollar sign in her name. But I don’t think she will be.

Her debut studio album, Animal, is 14 tracks worth of awesomeness. Her debut “Tik Tok” became the fastest selling single by a female artist of all time, and I hope the sales of her album follow the success. Her single had an addictive quality to it; fun, funky, edgy, talk of booze and cops, and, oh yeah, the fact that she’s a white female rapper didn’t hurt.

Rest assured, not all songs sound like Tik Tok, but there are certainly some fun-loving themes on this album. That is not to say that Ke$ha doesn’t get a little bit more emotional with some surprisingly heartfelt songs such as “Dancing with Tears in my Eyes” or “Hungover” which you might expect to be about alcohol abuse; hearing the chorus “Now my heart is broken, like the bottles on the floor; does it really matter, or am I just hungover you?” Pretty deep.

Having listened to the album about a dozen times (no exaggeration there) and as goofy as it sounds, there is a connection to the music that you don’t get with other typical fun loving artists. For exam herself ple, I love “Bad Romance” but I don’t feel any connection to Lady GaGa as a result of the awesomeness that is that song. While I don’t think it is Ke$ha that I am connected with, the music has a meaning to it that I haven’t really heard elsewhere. Lyrics are fun and upbeat, but perhaps where they matter more, they pull at the good ol’ heartstrings. If you don’t like Tik Tok specifically, try to get over it, or you’ll be missing out on a lot of great music.

Not exactly what you expected from Ke$ha’s album? Me neither; but it’s definitely worth the buy.

Get the full 14-track album on iTunes right now for $6.99.