Ke$ha’s Album Launch Party

Ke$ha’s debut record Animal landed on shelves exactly two weeks ago, and she finally got around to hosting a private launch party for it over the weekend in Toronto. I was there to take it all in, and this has to be one of the most unique shows I’ve seen in a while.

While she is apparently very acoustically talented, the audience was treated to only her more up-beat songs for the party, sticking to her 7 rowdiest songs. This girl is amazing. She is in a constant state of drunkenness (not literally, I hope) that puts a funky edge on her personality to loosen and relax her. Mellow and chill are good words to describe her.

That ends off-stage, however. Mellow is probably the exact opposite to what I would call Ke$ha when performing. Her stage show had cowbells, keytars, dancers, streamers, glitter cannons, lasers, guitar licking, and a glitter drum. Okay, what’s a glitter drum? Plop a bass drum on its side, load it up with glitter, and start pounding on it with a mallet and you’ll experience the complete Ke$ha experience. I told you her show was unique!

The party was host to over 400 people and it seemed like they all thoroughly enjoyed their time there. She only performed a 7-song, 25-minute set, but I think it set the stage for an upcoming tour. This time around, she had no opening act and did no encores, but when she returns to Toronto in April, I’m sure we can expect a lot more.

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