Ian Blackwood

We’ve covered The Artist Life multiple times on Eggplante, most recently at their show with Steroes, The Midway State, and The Envy. This weekend, lead singer Ian Blackwood played an intimate acoustic show at Toronto’s Holy Joes, a part of the Reverb/Big-Bop complex. Sadly, this would be the venue’s last acoustic show before it closes at the end of the month, but what a way to go out.

This is one of those shows that I loved shooting because it was full of friends, family, and everyone that really loved the performers. Ian’s sister, Sarah, also performed, with some other acts. While I didn’t manage to catch their performances, if they had even a fraction of the talent as there was spirit in that room, I’m sure they knocked it out of the park.

Ian performed a love song, an acoustic version of TAL‘s latest single, Let’s Start a Riot, and a few others. You should have been there, but since you weren’t, bask in some pictures that I took at the event and hopefully you’ll start following this guy more in the future. This guy is one to watch.

You can find Ian Blackwood on Twitter at the completely unimaginative @IANBLACKWOOD. Eggplante is online at the equally unimaginative @eggplante. Keep it simple, stupid!