Faber Drive LIVE!

Get up and dance! These guys are really hot right now, their music is catchy, and they know how to put on an incredible show. Their songs have been dominating pop charts and while they haven’t gone totally mainstream, they’ve developed quite a following. Faber Drive is not slowing down.

They electrified us at their Fan Fest performance, and they did not disappoint at the Phoenix Concert Theatre on May 6th. Their performance had the crowd jumping and rocking along to the music without prompts, and their stage presence was incredible. They handled the massive audience with the greatest of ease and the slightest bit of craziness.

There isn’t really a way to capture the excitement in text as well as pictures, so take a look at the photos below for some hints as to their performance style. I wish the photos were more vibrant, but they just do not have adequate lighting at the Phoenix. In any case, these guys are full of energy, the girls were screaming (they probably would’ve screamed for anything, though), and the show was intense. To say the least.