The next few…

We’re getting closer and closer to two huge events: the first, which you’ve all heard about rambled on here many times before, but also Eggplante’s 1st Birthday! To celebrate, well, we’re not doing anything special really, except for a SUPER HUGE EXTRAVAGANZA!

Okay, but seriously, no we’re not doing anything. I thought this post would be better suited to letting you know more in detail what kind of gaming news you can expect in the next few weeks, beginning with next Tuesday!

We have our first pre-release review come out this coming Tuesday for a game that so far has impressed me and delivered quite a bit of fun. Which game? If you’ve taken a look at my Facebook profile, you already know, but I’ll keep it a secret to those who haven’t quite yet.

Later in the week, I’ll report back from the Crackdown 2 Press Event taking place in Toronto, as well as have the breakdown and some photos from the ModNation Racers Press Party taking place next Thursday. All this, and of course, your usual photos of concerts, music videos, and other productions going on at your favourite purple vegetable.

In the meantime, I would like to do a small giveaway to celebrate all the music and concert postings we’ve done in the past year, so I’ve got a prize-pack that’s up for grabs if people begin following Eggplante on Twitter. At the end of May, one of Eggplante’s Twitter followers will win a music-prize pack with the following:

– Stereos Deluxe Edition CD (Signed by all five members)
– The Artist Life EP (Signed by all four members)
– The Midway State CD “Holes” (Signed by all four members)

Pretty kickin’ prize pack, in my opinion, so get to following us on Twitter (@eggplante), and take a look at our Facebook page while you’re at it! Who knows, there just might be something in it for one of the fans that Like us over there, too. Hmmm….