And that’s all she wrote folks! We took to Toronto, and a very high seat at its Air Canada Centre, to report from the 40th Annual Juno Awards! My closing thoughts:

Drake did an incredible job. He had about the same success as Russell Peters (the first time around, anyways), but he did it with swagger and sophistication. And he was still pretty damn funny, too!

Shania Twain was there. ‘Nuff said.

The performances were nothing great, to be perfectly honest, and it was Down With Webster’s worst performance I’ve ever seen. And Hedley’s song was over a year old. And Shawn Desman’s ditty with his little brother was pretty crap. Okay, yeah, the performances really sucked.

The red carpet was overall a decent experience. They tried to turn the whole show into a Much Music Video Awards of sorts, it seemed. It worked for me!

Overall, I think the night was a success. No one had a ridiculously long speech, no one did anything remarkably stupid, but no one did anything incredibly awesome either. It was a good show. It was a Canadian show.

Until next year, Canada!


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