Rainbow Six: Patriots

Ubisoft’s re-launch of their classic series is getting a much grittier tone.

It seems like every game is getting a darker tone nowadays. Hell, even movies are given progressively dirtier and grittier facelifts. But never have we seen something as realistic as the concept for Rainbow Six: Patriots.

Gritty, beautiful, and most importantly: real.

The game heads in a new direction, away from the flash of Vegas, and into the real streets of the USA. Patriots, or should we say so-called Patriots, are taking to the streets to cause real damage in retaliation for the bailouts and the missteps of the American government.

First off, the game looks fantastic. Sure, it’s just a concept, but this concept is a looker. It’s clean and reminds us quite deeply of Heavy Rain. It’s a real, unconsidered world, and it turns upside down. If you thought that first trailer was a sight to be seen, when you see the one below, you will be nothing short of blown away, we’re sure.

The next thing to notice is the real-scenario you’re put in. You’re not given a cut-off ending, but rather shown exactly what would happen in real life. Things quickly go from serene and quiet to brutal and fatal. But rather than spoil any more, take a look and let us know what you think about Rainbow Six: Patriots.

Even with the game’s recent team change, it is on track to retain the same style and is expected to launch in 2013. Keep an eye out for this one at E3 2012 as we’ll be sure to get more details from Ubisoft then – our money says we’ll get a decent preview at Microsoft’s Press Conference and a bit more at Ubisoft’s.