Most of the buzz coming out of Microsoft’s E3 camp is related to Halo 4 and its impending release this November. But given that the game was announced as “the dawn of a new trilogy” by Don Mattrick at last year’s press conference, are we going to see the next instalment in the series this year?

It might seem a bit early. Halo 4 hasn’t even hit shelves yet, and we’ve yet to see many solid details about multiplayer, let alone anything about the campaign mode of the game. However, in the past, we’ve seen multiple Halo games teased and announced all at the same show.

Last year, we saw Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition announced alongside the aforementioned Halo 4. In 2009, we caught a campaign glimpse of Halo 3: ODST right next to the teaser trailer for Halo: Reach. Granted, neither of those games were sequels to one another, so maybe we’re completely off point, but seeing Halo 5 this year might not be that far off.

Realistically, we’re completely off our rockers, we know. Just because a new trilogy has been announced, doesn’t mean the games are going to pull a Call of Duty and come out every year for the next three years. The other problem lies more in the lack of hype there might be if we don’t understand what’s actually going on in a trailer because we haven’t played, let alone completed, the game before it. We don’t know how Halo 4 will end, whether it will be a massive cliffhanger, or a smooth transition into the next game.

Either way, you’d probably do best to forget everything we just hypothesized. No, we won’t be seeing Halo 5 at E3 this year.

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