Uncharted: Fight for Fortune is a card game for the Vita

Launching in just over a week, Fight for Fortune is a card-based strategy game based in the Uncharted universe.

According to Sony’s PlayStation Blog, the game has actually been in development since Golden Abyss was released as a launch title for the Vita this past February. Being designed by both SonyBend Studio and newcomer to the franchise, One Loop Games, a new mechanic is introduced in this game, making it the first in the series to stray from the game’s typical shooter-slash-adventure gameplay.

In Fight for Fortune, players customize decks of cards with both heroes and villains from the Uncharted series and play these cards against online players or against AI-based computer players. Each attack card can be modified with resource and fortune cards to change stats and grant abilities to help defend or attack.

In addition to downloadable content already planned despite the game not yet being released, Sony says a patch for Golden Abyss players will be available for download on December 4th as well. This patch is said to bridge some functionality between the two games such as letting users’ discovered artifacts in Golden Abyss become special cards in Fight for Fortune.

This is a pretty radical departure from the typical gameplay of the Uncharted series, and while the game is likely to fly under the radar (it was announced a week ago for release in less than a week), it seems to be a calculated risk. Gamers who play a game like the one Nathan Drake stars in might be interested in a little piece of Uncharted to hold them over while we wait for the next game in the series, if it ever comes.

Uncharted: Fight for Fortune launches December 4th for $4.99 on the PlayStation Store. In the meantime, check out the official announcement video below.