Junior_Controller_AOC_EN_FR_ES_ANL_jpgAt CES this morning, Microsoft announced the Xbox 360 Tomb Raider Limited Edition Wireless Controller alongside developer Crystal Dynamics and publisher Square Enix.

Exclusive to Microsoft’s console, the controller takes the transforming D-pad from previous Xbox 360 controllers and adds a two-layer paint job and laser etching to represent the damage Lara’s equipment will be taking in the game. The laser etching is a first for the Xbox 360 controller as it adds physical grooves and notches into the controller body which gives it a much more tactile feel.

The bottom of the battery cover also has the game’s logo and slogan, “A Survivor is Born,” printed on it.

There are also bandages wrapped around the handles and finger and palm prints on the controller in areas where you’d be holding the controller and jabbing buttons, and if it has been done properly, we’d guess that the A and X buttons are going to be used most.

The analog sticks seem to do away with the small rubber nubs on them, in favour of a smoother surface.

Picking up the controller also gets you a download code for a playable character exclusive to Xbox 360, the Scavenger Archer.

The controller will launch on March 5th alongside the game in two colours.




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