Our favourite Super Bowl ads (plus some Beyonce)

We’re not huge fans of football, but the Super Bowl is one of our favourite days of the year. As one of our Editors put it, it’s “new movie trailer and commercial day!”

This year wasn’t as good as years past – there were no kids complaining about middle-age, hundreds of Pepsi cans, or nipples (though that wasn’t really a commercial, anyway) – but there were more than a few memorable spots. We’ll save you the usual tech stuff because, really, you’ve seen them again and again. Below are a few commercials that’ll tug at your heartstrings, make you laugh, and make you wish you were watching the Super Bowl.


This video is probably our favourite of all, so we figured we’d start with it. There aren’t many words to say that will do the video justice, so watch it, then go hug someone close to you or someone who has done something great for your nation.


We don’t care if you’ve seen this one already and it disgusted you. Coming in a close second is the fantasy of every nerd on the planet: kissing Bar Rafeali, or any super gorgeous woman for that matter. That’s not to say that us nerds can’t get beautiful women to love us, it’s just that Walter can’t.


Here’s something else we bet a lot of you can relate to. Here’s a slightly insecure teenage kid who gets balls of steel as he gets to take his dad’s Audi S6 to the prom. He makes a beeline for the girl of his dreams, kisses her (she seems to enjoy it, by the way), gets punched in the face for it, and smiles all the way home. Awesome.

Oh, and Beyonce

Because, you know, she did the entire half-time show by herself and did a pretty kick-ass job at it. The video won’t embed for some reason, but you can check it out by clicking on the image.

Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show