Bungie announces Destiny heading to PlayStation 4

destiny-ceosOne of our favourite developers, Bungie, briefly took the stage at Sony’s PlayStation 4 event on Wednesday to announce that their next franchise, Destiny, would indeed be coming to PlayStation 4 when the game launches on other platforms.

We saw this one coming, and it was great to have Bungie make an appearance on Sony’s stage as it really shows their commitment to multi-platform play, especially since they’ve got such a history with Microsoft.

Four of Bungie’s heavyweights took the spotlight to make an appearance, studio president Harold Ryan was the only one who spoke. The others looked happy to be there, but a bit dazed, given that this marked the first time they’ve been welcomed to another console’s party. It’s actually quite amazing that they were received as well as they have been because Halo is such a storied single-platform franchise and us gamers tend to get quite protective over things like developers.

Nonetheless, Jason Jones, who initially announced Destiny last week in Seattle was on-screen at Sony’s event to show off some new footage of the game, including the first gunshots we’ve seen from Bungie’s new IP so far.

The world they’re creating will be made better on the PlayStation 4 as Sony’s new console will be getting exclusive content, though specifics on that were not discussed. We expect that this exclusive in-game content will not be coming to PlayStation 3, either, giving people a bit more of a reason to jump to Sony’s new platform.

Destiny had been previously announced for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC, though we spotted some code that suggests it’s also coming to Wii U, PS Vita, and the next-generation Xbox. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more, but as it stands, Destiny is not slated for release before the crack of 2014. Until then, take a look at the video of Jason Jones appearing (virtually) at Sony’s event.