Nintendo announces Wii mini for UK

nintendo-wii-miniJust around the same time that the Wii mini made our Eggplante Top Five list of the best limited edition consoles, Nintendo UK went ahead and announced that the console would be hopping the pond and heading into the United Kingdom at the end of March.

Sporting the exact same design and reduced specs from the standard Wii, the UK’s Wii mini’s only difference will be that it runs PAL versions of games as opposed to the North American-only NTSC titles.

We paid $99 for a chance to own this diluted piece of technology in the Great White North, which equates to just over £63. However, an official price has not been announced for the region just yet, though we suspect a sticker at £69, given products in the UK tend to be slightly higher in price than their North American counterparts.

Alongside the Wii mini announcement, Nintendo UK also announced that certain Nintendo Selects games would be reduced in price, though no specific price was given. The games include Mario Party 8, Mario Power TennisWii Sports Resort, and Super Paper Mario, all Wii titles.

We’ll keep you updated as to whether or not anyone in the UK actually likes the Wii mini.