New GTA V screens show off sky and scuba diving

Rockstar has reached new highs and lows – literally – with the release of its latest batch of screenshots for Grand Theft Auto V. The company released a whopping 10 images, though its hard to say if all of them are in-game captures or pre-rendered.

Three main images stand out to us. The first and perhaps most obvious new one is scuba diving. There was a time when swimming was actually an impossibility in the GTA universe. It wasn’t until San Andreas that the ability was introduced. Now, it looks like at least a few missions will revolve around scuba diving. We’re guessing we’ll have to free someone from their iron boots before they croak, find some hidden treasure, and probably see some bizarre looking sharks (can we call them GameSharks?) while we’re down there.

Another of the screenshots shows someone skydiving from what appears to be a jumbo jet (we can’t help but be reminded of this scene from Air Force One). Grand Theft Auto has long featured pretty much every form of transportation, and skydiving, while not quite a traditional form, is a very welcome addition to the list. We wouldn’t mind also seeing the ability to fly jumbo jets, trains and subway cars, lawn and farming equipment, monorails, aircraft carriers, or spacecraft, either, but maybe that last one will actually happen in GTA VI.

The third of all the screenshots is probably the least exciting, if only because it only shows us a new weapon, the mini-gun. It’s actually quite surprising that we haven’t seen a weapon like this in a GTA game yet, but it does make us feel better to know that Rockstar isn’t just pulling in its old favourites for its latest instalment in the series.

The other screenshots show off beautiful high-rise buildings, lush green landscapes, windmill farms, and the requisite police helicopter and fine Italian sports cars. We’ve taken the liberty of putting them all in a gallery below for your perusal. Let us know what your favourite screenshot is by hitting us up on Twitter and Facebook.