SimCity coming to Mac June 11th, free for PC version users

Maxis today announced that SimCity would finally be coming to the Mac on June 11th. While it’s not exactly what we think of as a “Spring” launch, we’re just happy there’s an actual date on the table now.

What’s more is that the company has said that the Mac version will be available for free to users of the PC version of the game, and vice versa. This way, we can get our Boot Camp on for now and pick up natively when the game launches on Apple’s platform in June. And yes, game saves will be transferrable so you can pick up right where you leave off.

simcityMaxis is continuing to have a few missteps along the way, however. While their original FAQ states the game will run on any Core 2-based machine with OS X Snow Leopard (or higher), their blog post announcing the Mac version of the game says users will need to have OS X Lion.

Another question on that same list asks whether the Retina display will be supported, to which Maxis replies, “We have not yet determined if we have Retina display support.” Come on, guys. The game is due in exactly two months, and you don’t know if you’re going to have support for the retina display yet? We call bull on that one.

Maybe there’s a reason EA was just rated the worst company in America. Again.

Maxis also announced that full cheetah speed has returned in the game as well, which apparently puts a bigger load on the servers that were rendered all-but-worthless when nothing seemed to work at the game’s launch.

We’ll keep you updated in the mean time and we’ll finally be able to have our review of SimCity up when it launches for the Mac. You know, while we’re in Los Angeles for E3 2013.