Xbox One gaming DVR walks on the Xbox Live cloud

ControllerLeftCloseNot one to be showed up by similar features in Sony’s upcoming and competing next-gen console, the PlayStation 4, Microsoft has announced their own variation on gaming-related DVR technology to be integrated in Xbox One. Like the PlayStation 4, this allows gamers to capture screenshots and video footage of their accomplishments and anything else related to any Xbox One game, and instantly and easily upload it to the Cloud for community consumption.

From the Cloud, Xbox One owners can already access a huge array of music and movies, but those coming to the console for the gaming will be delighted at how quickly and easily they can share their own gaming escapades with the world! The DVR feature of Xbox One will allow sports game players to upload big plays, fighting game players to stream and share their most biting bouts, and general Achievement hunters to show off how they earned some tricky accolades.

Speaking of Achievements, Microsoft has also announced that they have been predictably re-tooled for Xbox One. Using the technology of the Cloud, Achievements will be more personalized and intimate in regards to the player’s actions and play style, rather than the static list of available Achievements one can currently earn on the Xbox 360. Details are very scarce, but this is likely good news for many, as it no doubt means continual and persistently evolving Achievement rosters, without the dependence on DLC.

Cloud StorageKnowing Microsoft and their Smartglass initiative, it’s also likely not unfair to assume that the Xbox One’s DVR technology and cloud streaming could also be utilized on other devices. It would more easily allow you to take your Xbox experience on the go if you could download and upload saved streams and images from your smartphone or 3G-enabled tablet for example, without even needing to be near your Xbox One at the time!

Regardless, Microsoft is certainly not letting Sony have all of the fun with bringing the gaming community closer than ever, and subsequently driving them further apart, than ever before! Competition is getting more fierce, and game sharing is now quicker and easier than ever, not just on Sony’s console, but also on Microsoft’s by the sound of things.

Hopefully however, we can still keep some of our embarrassing Halo failures to ourselves if we so choose!