Morning Star/Alpha to connect digital comics and mobile gaming

morningstaralphaheaderWhen I think of mobile games I don’t usually associate it with the core gaming market.  With much of the revenue coming from casual gamers, there are still those that hope to create something bigger and more enriching. The thought of creating mobile games for this market is sure to garner some skepticism, but it might be a brave new direction for the mobile industry.

For Industrial Toys, a studio formed by Bungie co-founder Alex Seropian, that is very much a possibility with his latest title, Morning Star.  More advanced touch-based controls and gameplay experiences aren’t all the company is looking for, they’re also thinking of expanding the way we think of digital comics as well with their tie-in comic, Morning Star Alpha.

The free digital graphic novel, due out later this year, a few weeks before the game, shows off some subtle movements that work with the reader and are never intrusive or annoying.  Alpha tries to stay true to the comic experience while infusing in-game connectivity and some choose-your-own-adventure decision points, letting you influence how the story plays out.

This project is undoubtedly turning some heads. With acclaimed sci-fi author John Scalzi (Redshirts, Old Man’s War) and Marvel/DC comic book artist Mike Choi on board, Industrial Toys is taking some really exciting chances with this ambitious new project.

So what do you think about Industrial Toys’ fresh approach to mobile games? How about their approach to digital comics? Stay tuned for more news about Morning Star and Morning Star Alpha very soon!