The Eggplante Best of: Wii Games

We’ve done Xbox 360 games. We’ve done PlayStation 3 games. So far, there aren’t enough Wii U games to really put together a top ten list that means anything, so we decided to look back at our favourite Wii games of all time in the next iteration of our The Eggplante Best Of series.

As always, Erika, John, and Brent contributed to this list; our top five games didn’t vary too much, but there might be some surprises higher up on the list.

Once again, this list includes only titles exclusive to the Wii, as we’ll be doing a list of multi-platform bests soon.

10 ) Madworld – One of the most highly-stylized games of all time, Madworld brought an irrefutable sense of violence to the otherwise child-focused Wii, while incorporating some oddly-timed but brilliant humour throughout.

9 ) New Super Mario Bros. Wii – The first in a new series for Mario that somehow also brought back the original side-scrolling gameplay of the original series, Nintendo proved they know how to pull in the classic elements of a series to make something fresh and original.

8 ) Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure – Still among the most ambitious uses of the Wii Remote’s technology, Zack & Wiki also presented one of the most loveable, underrated third-party adventures that the console could ever dream of!

7 ) The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess – This Wii launch title was great enough to carry it to the top ten list based around is upgraded graphics and smart new mechanics such as transforming into a wolf, even if motion controls felt tacked on.

6 ) Donkey Kong Country Returns – When DK returns in a game that is the most beloved in the franchise – the Country series – gamers pay attention. And with good reason: gameplay, graphics, and audio were all winners in Country Returns.

5 ) Mario Kart Wii – Even with the Wii Wheel accessory alone, Mario Kart Wii manages to overtake Mario Kart 64 as one of the most recognized and beloved multiplayer endeavours that Nintendo has ever delivered!

4 ) Super Smash Bros. Brawl – The ultimate love letter to Nintendo’s history, Super Smash Bros. Brawl also presents the finest refinement of their ambitious mascot brawler yet!

3 ) Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Mario’s surreal and often ridiculous gravity-based platforming adventure also happens to be one of his best games of all time!

2 ) Xenoblade Chronicles – This is a game about the details, and even the little ones have been superbly thought out. If you have any desire for an RPG on the Wii, we’re not sure you could find a better one.

1 ) The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – Precise and perfected motion control combines with a sprawling, expansive adventure to make a new grand champion for the Legend of Zelda franchise