JOY of MOTION by Animals As Leaders Album Review

Animals-as-Leaders-620x400On March 25th, 2014 the world of rock music, jazz and metal, will rejoice once again to release the beautiful album the JOY of MOTION by Washington-based instrumental progressive metal band ‘Animals As Leaders’.

To those aren’t familiar with the band. Get familiar! Animals As Leaders have been around since 2007 writing and performing some of the most mind-blowing, technically wincing and melodically driven music your ears haven’t heard. Am I a hipster for saying that? Possibly. I’m a man who loves music of every genre and wants to share it with everybody. The more genres you accept, the more open your mind becomes.

How do I explain the JOY of MOTION without compromising the quality? Imagine you’re roaming the streets in Italy. The skies are blue and the breeze is brushing past your face. So refreshing. Suddenly the skies crack and we look to an abyss of wires, dots and blackness- sort of a digital space. We’re not where we thought we were. This isn’t Italy and somebody had to tell you. Our hero leaps out of a nearby building and soars through the skies with a broadsword. Is that Cloud Strife?! YES IT IS! An epic and majestic fight scene ensues- slow motion and flowing long articles of clothing happens. This is the JOY of MOTION.

That being said, the album is currently being streamed in its entirety on YouTube through their label ‘Sumerian Records’! Try something new today and open your musical horizons. Listen to more genres and appreciate them for their time and effort. Animals As Leaders!