Tales from the Borderlands debuts today (mostly)

Telltale has just made the surprise announcement that their collaborative effort with Gearbox Software, Tales from the Borderlands, is having its first episode go live today! The episode, Zer0 Sum, costs $4.99 to download individually.

Tales from the Borderlands - Gameplay 1There’s a catch though, depending on your platform of choice. While it’s true that the PC and Mac versions of the game’s first episode are going live worldwide today, only North American players will get the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 version of the episode as of today. Europeans and others in PAL territories will have to wait until tomorrow to download Zer0 Sum on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3.

There’s even more wrinkles for Xbox gamers, though at least some should be expected. Zer0 Sum won’t release until tomorrow for Xbox One players worldwide, though this is perhaps predictable, given that digital game releases on Xbox platforms tend to launch on Wednesday, not Tuesday, despite Microsoft cycling their Xbox One and Xbox 360 Deals with Gold sales every Tuesday. It’s Xbox 360 players that will need to be more patient, as Zer0 Sum won’t launch for Xbox 360 until the following Wednesday, December 3rd. Telltale gave no indication of why Xbox 360 players would have to wait an extra week. It’s likely a simple issue of optimization, debugging and a mite of added time needed for overall polish, particularly considering that Telltale seemed to struggle more with Xbox 360 development than PlayStation 3 development, if their past few projects were any indication.Tales from the Borderlands - Gameplay 2

As a reminder as well, Tales from the Borderlands will be offering a Season Pass for $24.99 on PC and Mac, and $19.99 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. Xbox One and Xbox 360 players will score a Season Pass for just $14.99, but they’ll have to wait a while longer for it, as the Season Pass likely won’t go live for Xbox players until next year. Again, Telltale gave no indication as to why this is.

On one last note, Telltale also confirmed speculation that the first episode of their six-episode Game of Thrones game, Iron from Ice, will debut in December. Unfortunately, a specific day wasn’t indicated.

We will be sure to provide coverage for Tales from the Borderlands, over the course of its five-episode run. In the meantime, keep looting Eggplante for all news and updates on Telltale, and the Borderlands series.