The Simpsons to stream in original aspect ratio

The Simpsons began a new life streaming its back catalogue on FXX, but not all was as rosy as it may have seemed. The network decided to deliver all its content in widescreen format, meaning the original 4:3 aspect ratio was not respected. More importantly, however, it meant the top and bottom of the picture was cut off in an effort for a fullscreen viewing experience.

FXX has now said that they’re reverting to the program’s original 4:3 aspect ratio for the first seven seasons of the show, which are to be available immediately. The remainder of the seasons that were originally broadcast in 4:3 are “coming soon” though no specific date is known at this time.

Today is a pretty great day to announce the switch back to the proper aspect ratio of the television show. We have no idea how they could ever choo-choo-choose a better day to let us know.