Bethesda teases Fallout reveal for tomorrow

As if it weren’t obvious enough, Bethesda has put up a teaser website for their next Fallout game.

Rumoured to be announced at the company’s first E3 Press Conference on Sunday, June 14th, the game will likely be Fallout 4, the next full instalment in the post-apocalyptic series.

Little is known about the game so far, though it does have quite the following as gamers from all walks of life love the franchise.

The teaser site, available at, depicts the Indian Head Test Pattern almost exactly as it is known. Could this be a clue to the game? Televisions with no service have long been an icon of the franchise, but is this specific pattern hinting at the region of the game, or perhaps the time period?

Speculation will cease (to some extent, at least) when the company releases an official look at the game tomorrow morning at 7am PST / 10am EST. The countdown on the teaser site seems to line up almost exactly with that time.

What are you expecting from the announcement? A long pre-rendered teaser followed by a gameplay reveal at E3?

We’re on the fence, but we’re thinking a five or six second clip like the one Bethesda released for DOOM just a few weeks ago is all we’ll get. It would be brilliant strategy. Have everyone in the world watching for that five second clip, only to make sure they tune in in two weeks for the actual reveal of the game.